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Lottewelt (novel)

Lottewelt (novel)

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Debut novel of German Singer-Songwriter Maximilian Hecker. Written in German, most dialogues written in English. Published by Lektora, Germany.

LOTTEWELT tells the story of a man whose life is shaped by the birth and the early death of his sister Liselotte. The traumatic past catches up with him when, during a stay in Korea’s capital Seoul, he encounters Korean actress Charlotte Lee – a soul mate, it seems, if not actually a »body mate«, with whom the musician immediately falls in love, although or actually because Charlotte triggers the strange feeling in him to have found the reincarnation of his »fatal sister« Liselotte in her. However, the title of Maximilian Hecker’s debut novel does not only refer to the two Lottes in the life of the protagonist, since »Lottewelt« (as an allusion to the Seoul amusement park Lotte World) can also be understood as a synonym for the Korean entertainment industry (keyword »Hallyu«), whose dazzling figures keep crossing the protagonist’s path in the course of the story and eventually inspire him to reflect on the Korean soul and the Korean (popular) culture.

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